Offered Courses & Thesis

Supervised M.Sc. Engg. (Mech.) Theses

12. Effects of wall thermal condition on flow field in a supersonic inlet isolator (Md. Raihan Ali Khan, November-2021)
11. Trapping and sorting of circulating tumor cells in a microfluidic filter array (Saeedur Rahman, September-2021)
10. Aerothermal Analysis of Supersonic Flow around an Airfoil in Transitional Rarefied Conditions (Musfequs Salehin, January-2020)
9. Effect of Wind Gust on Aerodynamic Charateristics of an Airfoil in Low Reynolds Number Flow (A.K.M. Zahidur Rahman, March-2019)
8. Flow Analysis of a Micro-scale Dual Rotor Viscous Pump (Md. Nur Alam Mondal, November-2018)
7. Characteristics of Shock Train Phenomena in A Diverging Internal Flow Passage (Md. Saddam Hossain Joy, March-2018)
6. Flow Behaviour Through T- and Y- Junctions in A Model Blood Vessel (Partha Kumar Das, March-2018)
5. Aerodynamic Characteristics of A Transonic Airfoil Cascade (Sudarshan Chandra Saha, December-2016)
4. Control of Shock Wave Oscillation in Transonic Internal Flow using Cavity (Md. Abdul Hamid, January-2016)
3. Numerical Analysis of Physiological Flow Through an Arterial Bend with Aneurysm (Arif Abdullah Rokoni, August-2015)
2. A Computational Study On The Unsteady Shock Wave Dynamics Around A Circular Arc Airfoil In Transonic Internal Flow (M. Mostaqur Rahman, February-2013)
1. A Computational Study On The Control Of Self-Sustained Shock Oscillation Around A Supercritical Airfoil In Transonic Flow (M. Mahbub Alam, October-2012)

Offered Undergraduate (UG) Courses

  • ME 425: Aerodynamics [L-4 T-2] [Apr2012][Nov.2013][Jan.2015][July 2016][Jan.2017][Jan.2018][July2018]-
  • ME 423: Fluids Engineering [L-4 T-2]
  • ME 323: Fluid Mechanics-II [L-3 T-2] [Nov. 2013] [July 2014] [July 2015][Jan.2017][July2017][July2018][Jan.2020][July2021]-
  • ME 321: Fluid Mechanics-I [L-3 T-1][Jan.2018][Jan.2019][Jan.2021][Jan.2022]- [L01] [L02] [L03] [L04] [L05] [L06] [L07] [L08] [L09] [L10]
  • ME 261:Numerical Analysis [L-2 T-2] [Nov 2014][Jan 2015][July 2016]-
  • ME 223: Fluid Mechanics and Machinery [IPE: L-3 T-1]
  • ME 221: Elements of Fluid Mechanics and Machinery [MME:L-2 T-2]
  • ME 265: Thermal Engineering and Heat Transfer [IPE:L-2 T-2]

Offered Postgraduate (PG) Courses

  • ME 6139: High Speed Aerodynamics [April 2017][Oct. 2017][Oct. 2019]- [L01] [L02] [L03] [L04] [L05] [L06] [L07] [L08] [L09] [L10]
  • ME 6123: Mechanics of Inviscid Incompressible Fluid [April2013][April 2018][Oct.2018]-
  • ME 6127: Mechanics of Inviscid Compressible Fluid [April 2014] [April 2016]
  • ME 6135: Advanced Aerodynamics [April2012][April2011][Oct.2010]